What would happen if, for the first time in your life,
you embraced your inner darkness?
October 1993.
Danvers, a small town in Massachusetts built on the remains of the infamous Salem Village, is about to experience a new period of terror.
On the eve of her eighth birthday, Sarah Hoffmann lives a nightmare, victim of her mother’s outbursts of rage and the incessant teasing of her classmates. Not to mention this part of darkness that gnaws at her entrails and is only waiting for a single spark to ignite.
One day, luck seems to smile upon her: Sarah meets Porcelain, a bewitched doll. A friendship she would never have hoped for, because only Porcelain understands that it is time for Sarah to let her destructive rage burst.
It’s time to paint your world red, Sarah.
If you like Stephen King’s Misery and It, you won’t be able to put down this compulsively addictive novel.

Please note that only the French version will be released on March;
the English translation will be released on October 13th, 2023.


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